Mic Righteous vs AJ Tracey

Wondering what is happening with Mic Righteous vs AJ Tracey, the latest grime beef that everyone in the UK is talking about? Following on from K Koke vs Nines, Chip vs Yungen, and Bugzy Malone vs Chip, this Mic Righteous vs AJ Tracey beef could get hot!

Mic Righteous vs AJ Tracey – The Beginning

It all started on Twitter, of all places, when Mic Righteous basically said another rapper Fee Gonzales, was trash after he had compared himself to Lil Wayne:

AJ Tracey jumped in, criticising Mic and saying he wouldn’t have the same things to say in person:

Mic responded and took the war of words up a level:
Mic Righteous vs AJ Tracey
And AJ Tracey shot back, telling Mic to go make some music and is ready if they see each other:

Then we got our first hint their might be track coming from Mic, as he let everyone know he is in the studio:

Mic Righteous then put out a couple more tweets:

AJ Tracey in a since-deleted tweeted asking himself why he gets drawn out, before Mic screenshot it and replied he didn’t ask him to get involved:

Before AJ added he doesn’t reply to sends or indirects.

The next day (Oct 25), Mic tweeted it is too late to back out now:

And then Mic Righteous took to Facebook on the same day to say he has recorded a track…

Mic Righteous vs AJ Tracey – The First Send

October 27 2017
There were rumours it was coming, Mic had been in the studio on his Snapchat, but it still caught people off guard.

Mic Righteous dropped ‘Acne’ (AJ Tracey Send) on a Friday night, re-igniting the beef after a couple of days of silence from both parties. Check out all the lyrics to Acne on Genius.

When he dropped the video he put it out with the accompanying tweet, saying “This pussy @AJTracey tried draw me out now u got what u want! u got a week to reply then I’m at ur neck again. Safe”.

Will AJ Tracey reply? He was performing in Norwich the night of the video release, so stay tuned to see what happens…

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  1. Tigger Bipson

    Mic Righteous ‘Interesting’ absolutely whopped out any competition absolute nutty geeze not happening for AJ swear down


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