K Koke Nines
K Koke Nines

K Koke vs Nines

The most recent grime beef to have everyone talking is K Koke versus Nines, continuing the North West London conflict between K Koke’s Stonebridge and Nines’ Church Road that goes back years.

27 August 2016 – Nines – Trapper of the Year
It was Nines’ track, Trapper of the Year, which is generally given credit for starting this one off. Released in August 2016, Nines barred (skip to 2:30 in the video above):

“Niggas violate the ting, know I’ll spray them in a second, if I had a record deal I still ain’t laying down my weapon…Pussies”.

K Koke was signed to Jay Z’s Roc Nation in 2011 and released ‘Lay Down Your Weapons‘ with Rita Ora in 2013.

7 July 2017 – K Koke – Listen Likkle Man
Jumping back into the music scene in 2017 with the much anticipated Pure Koke Vol. 4, Koke came out of nowhere with the ‘Listen Likkle Man’ release, an entire diss track aimed at Nines.

“This little dickhead think he’s pissing me off/Sending me subliminal shots/I’ll send him suttin’ that’ll rip through his top/Can’t tell me nuttin’, man ain’t been through my block/Tell me suttun’, where you been? Who you shot?,” the track opened with.

It only got worse from there, as K Koke unleashed.

To Be Continued…

    1. Davey Dave

      The person who created this blog is just as unsure of what happened as the people visiting this blog. What a waste of clicking this page smh i need the real details


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