Bugzy Malone vs Chip

By far the hottest grime beef of 2015 sees newcomer from Manchester, Bugzy Malone, take on veteran of the game, Chip.

The Beginning

14th March 2015 – Bugzy – Fire in the Booth on Charlie Sloth/1Extra

It was Manchester’s Bugzy who first sent for Chip, in his debut Fire in the Booth which has now surpassed 10million views.

The send for Chip includes the lyrics Go tell Chipmunk not to be cheeky/Grime is a road ting, my man’s hopeless/Go make a pop tune, fuck your A’s and B’s/You went from Chip Diddy Chip to The Streets/Oopsy Daisy, I’m not in your league; finishing the verse with So fuck Chipmunk n his A’s n B’s.

The First Reply

20th March 20 2015; Chip; Pepper Riddim on ChipTubeOfficial

It took all of six days for Chip to respond lyrically to the call out, releasing Pepper Riddim on his own YouTube channel. Though he did drop this sub-tweet:

Now with over 3million views, Pepper Riddim wasn’t directed solely at Bugzy but had some strong words for him, the most fiery being a direct reply to his Fire in the Booth Lyrics; “About fuck having As and Bs or something, man sound like they can’t read or something/That’s why you’re stuck on this road ting, cah in music you ain’t achieving nothing.

25th March 2015 – Bugzy Malone – Relegation Riddim on Link Up TV

Five days later, Bugzy comes straight back at Chip with ‘Relegation Riddim’ – going directly at him throughout the entire track with some hard bars. “With that shit on the back of his head/He looks like Sonic the Hedgehog from Sega/I thought you was signed to a major/I don’t think your label’s paid ya/Because I heard you spent your money/Hiring Chris Brown out for the day cause/But you still didn’t even chart proper
Going on like your a chart topper/Chris Brown was dancing on a bus/Then he hit Ri-Ri with a show-stopper/But you’re not in the history book to be honest/No one could give a fuck/Everybody knows Alvin is a punk/He’s was like Chris Brown featuring Chipmunk.”

Buy Relegation Riddim on iTunes.

3rd April 2015 – Chip The End on ChipTubeOfficial

7th April 2015 – Bugzy – The Revival

Four days after ‘The End’ Bugzy ensured it wasn’t the end, with ‘The Revival’ – a hard hitting track addressing his rise to prominence over the past two months. “I’m the grime scene saviour, not you, not you, not you,” goes the hook. Before adding “I’m the Chipmunk relegator.” He then goes directly at Chip again: “Charlie Sloth told them I’m an animal then I ripped Chip to bits and I’m in a different league,” before continuing in and accusing Chip of being a snitch.

The Hat Trick

It took him five months, but when Chip came for Bugzy, he came HARD. In what was called ‘The Hat Trick’ – Chip released three separate diss tracks for Bugzy across the three biggest urban music channels on YouTube.

11th September 2015 – Chip – Light Work on GRM Daily

The first of the tracks was ‘Light Work’, which drew sum criticism with the irony of it taking five months to release. Buy on iTunes.

14th September 2015 – Chip – Run Out Riddim on Link Up TV

“About I took longer than Meek, sonic BOOM hold two in a week!” Chip started ‘Run Out Riddim’ for his second verbal assault on Bugzy in three days – the opening set the tone for the rest of the diss which fully went in.

17th September 2015 – Chip – Hat-Trick on SBTV

“Call me hat-trick hero, cuz,” Chip started the third diss with and it truly was a hat trick.

9th October 2015 – Chip 96 Bars of Revenge on GRM Daily

If three wasn’t enough, Chip wait another three weeks before releasing his own 96 bars of Revenge over the legendary JME instrumental. Also dissing Tinie Tempah in the track, Chip once again came for Bugzy – “How the fuck has he done more for grime than me this year? I opened up the scene this year, gave birth to this ediat brare”. It was his fourth straight Bugzy diss without a response.

21st October 2015 – Two in a Week Freestyle

In amongst all this madness, Chip had done an appearance on Westwood where he continued to take shots at Bugzy. The video was released online on October 21st (along with everything else – see below).

21st October 2015 – Bugzy Malone – Wasteman

It seemed like four (five including the Westwood appearance) was enough for Bugzy, who jumped back in with the track Wasteman.

“You look like a frog with a beard” – buy Wasteman on iTunes.

21st October 2015 – Chip – Dickhead (225k views)

Chip immediately responded to the Bugzy release promising his fans to stay tuned for 11pm on Instagram:


A video posted by CHIPMUNK (@officialchip) on Oct 21, 2015 at 7:53am PDT

It came three hours late, but was worth the wait as in less than 8 hours from Bugzy’s original drop Chip responds as he drops the video for “Dickhead”.

This comes following a mad week which has seen Chip drop “96 Bars Of Revenge” – sending for Bugzy Malone – and “Coward” which took shots at Tinie Tempah. Buy Dickhead on iTunes.

21st October 2015 – Bugzy Malone – Zombie Riddim on JDZ Media

Just six minutes after Dickhead dropped, Bugzy responded immediately – calling out Chip for being late


However – the quick response backfired as it was a pre-recorded track with no direct references to the bars Chip had sprayed in Dickhead. Buy Zombie Riddim on iTunes.

Chip meanwhile, has no intention of stopping:

22nd October 2015 – Chip – Duppy Riddim on GRM Daily

Just when we thought it was all over, out of nowhere Chip releases a response to Zombie Riddim with Duppy Riddim. Using the old school Chippy flow, Chip directly addresses being called a snitch saying “You wanna chat about snitch/every song you make you snitch on yourself”.

6th November 2015 – Chip – #Alone on GRM Daily

Out of nowhere, following Bugzy not taking home an award at the Mobos, Chip drops another huge diss track for Bugzy Malone. Hinting to it earlier in the day on Twitter:

Lethal Bizzle instantly chimed in, saying Chip is tooooo much, but Chip showed no mercy.
Entitled ‘#Alone’ it features a chopped version of Wiley’s legendary ‘Fire Hydrant’ Instrumental.

The green lambo he is referring to:

Wiley jumped in and said this should be the last diss:

But Chip wasn’t having it:

To which Wiley responded:

24th July 2017 – Bugzy Discusses Beef
Bugzy releases ‘King of the North’ episode 1 – a documentary style vlog following his life and directly discusses the beef (from 9:35).

12th December 2017
Beef squashed? Both Chip and Bugzy took to their Instagram accounts to share a picture, showing them both together at Giggs’ Christmas dinner:
Chip & Bugzy Together Instagram
And then video proof, incase you doubted it:

For those thinking the @officialchip & @thebugzymalone photo is fake… 0161 x CM 😎🐾

A post shared by GRM DAILY (@grmdaily) on

To be continued…?

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    1. Porkedyourmum

      Bugzy got killed by chip, everyone knows that you fucking piece of shit I’ll end you eeediat. You god damned uncultured fucking swine how dare those filthy words come out of your decomposing mouth shithead. It is unbelievable how churlish and disgusting you are for even thinking bugz ever had a chance let alone an edge, that nigga fell off the map as soon as he was set free from chips death grip.


      1. arfaan hussain

        you dumb mother fucker stop talking about bugzy malone like that you wanna talk say it to me i will fight you


      2. Not some clapped up cunt like your dad fam

        Bugzy got killed by chip x””D you fucking joking mate, do your ears actually worked you clapped up little virgin? looool anyone who thinks that moist fuckboy snitch chipmunk is better dan anyone is obvs just fucking clueless and got a hole in there fucking head lmao honestly i laugh so hard at you little pussyoles licking this yutes bum clean after you hear a few shit rymhes come out of the skinny BOYS mouth loool listen to some real tunes you silly nigga


    1. Porkedyourmum



  2. ur nan

    If u look at the history chips done so much better then bugzy malone and why did he name himself after a film from the 80s

    CHIP FTW!!!


    1. Zombie killer

      Why did chip name him self after a fucking squirrel. Boi if you can’t think before you post don’t fuckin do it fam


    2. yeah man

      awey man bugzys been ruling the grime scene since day 1 ahahah man needs 3 month to reply n bugzy takes about 4 days amature mam #upthebugzy


    3. You're mom in dead i know

      He named him self that because bugsy malone supposed to be a mobster a gangster maybe you should research you facts before you start chattin shit about bugzy and in the hisorty really the history of what chips pop career haha

      Chips career is dead like youre nan like who says that

      This is dead but BUGZY FTW ALLWAYS


  3. Salt n pepper slagman

    Chip is a has been that hasn’t really been, fucking goon. Don’t know grime ahahhahahahha wishes he was a pop star, bugsy fucked him up so bad the dude felt his words for weeks feeling the need to go in time and time again. Bugsy scarred chip


  4. GrimeGodOfGanjaMan

    Ye, Bugsy has ruled over Chip the whole time. Bugs spits fire and Chip sprays shit. Mad ting when you need 3 months to drop 3 tracks to dis Bugsy who only needs to spit a few words to put that little frog looking twat on blast. Can’t even fucking ride a quad bike without fucking it up like everything else he does. Man needs a serious lesson on grime before he thinks he can chat shit and run the scene.


    1. Fuckbugzy

      Still waiting on bugz reply to chips last tunes rage stormzy 6 7 … You kids are moist if you think bugs won.. Chips sold more on par with better MC’s wasv10 times better at 16 than bugzy is now… All of bugzys beats and bars and hooks are stolen from other songs and MC’s dude’s lost on his own worse than yungen gtfo fucking spent kids


  5. BaZa

    Check my Fire in the Booth, it’s moving
    Chipmunks Fire in the Booth was boring
    I set fire to the building
    Chip made everybody in the building start snoring


  6. Cedrick Moran

    Haha, chips dosent have bars. All he tried to do was cover up every bugzy said about him and use the worst disses ever. If you think chip is better u obviously been bottled as many times as the pussy.


  7. patrick

    noticed how bugzy aint done one back yet (( pussy holeee )) yano how sad yas are arguing over this ill stop yas chip wins


  8. The Thomas Alleynes Academy

    The Thomas Alleynes Academy is on a mad one. Shout out to Big Lewis, Tirrit and Flanny.


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  11. Dan

    whoever thinks bugzy beat chip is fucking dumb and you know fuck all about grime, like seriously hearing people say tht is fucking crazy you know nothing. bugzy is talented but chip is mad crazily talented and fucked bugzy up where is bugzy and why ent he replying?


  12. jdsalford2016

    bugzy murked chip, no question about it, you wouldn’t think chips hadearest such a huge professional advantage yet bugzys tearing chip up like he’s been in the game for serveral years, to those that are slaying bugzy saying chip is enter rah rah rah and and chip murked bugzy are the sort of peeps that would say you’ve a sick pitbul, unbeaten, throw it in a dogfight, watch it get mauled…and still try convincing yourselves YOU PIT WAS THE BETTER DOG HAHA, Big up bugzy, #0161 MANNY ON THE FKIN MAP RUDEBOIII


  13. Double Time Grime

    You guys are fucking hilarious. Whole comment section thinks Chip got it handed to him and yet it’s clearly the opposite. Bugzy’s chorus on Relegation Riddim has so many god damn syllables it loses any flow or menace. Chip retaliates against practically every point in his replies. Dickhead was undoubtedly better than Wasteman and was made in 12 hours, the actual writing, the improv, would have been only a fraction of that. Both mcs trade flow for content at some points but it’s rare that Chip fucks around in a bar wasting beats because he doesn’t have any rhymes yet Bugzy does it all the time (“feed him to the lions”). Both mcs also have really satisfying rhymes that fit well with the beat and are evocative (like Bugzy’s sonic the hedgehog from sega, funny as shit), but once again, Chip a lot more. Instead of just counting tracks or looking at who said something most recently or mindlessly hopping on Bugzy’s dick, take a step back, Chip might have jumped ship earlier but he’s the captain now.


    1. ticklemeyellow

      bahahahaha STOP IT chip is a HAS BEEN, Bakububyebye time for him now, chip is a joke ting desperately trying to save face and relevance, bugzy by far more talented like and more popular, chip never responded to shotty horroh what a pussy….as he’ll only start on peeps HE THINKS HE CAN BELITTLE get the upper hand against but he’s been torn a new one FOR THE NATION TO SEE, if he tried putting the same workrate as he does into all the hate into his bars he’d stand a chance but he’s become the grime seen bully victim lol……nuff said


      1. Bugging alone

        How is chip shit, my man has 6 mc’s atting him? He fucked bugzy malone up Bugzy malone is shit… chip wrecked him, and someone said chips a pussy, chip invited him to Tottenham, where’s bugz at Forget him man, he’s dead


  14. turn into the devil

    bugzy has fucked chip up, hes done. bugzy fucked chip up so bad with his diss tracks it takes chip months to reply hahaha, the only thing chip can do is surrender cause bugz has won in the grime scene and if he tried to see him face to face bugz would fuck him up worse


  15. cunt

    Bugzy is true to his word. He says hell do something he does it. Kept at grime and didn’t abandon ship like that two facing switching bitch chip. Fun fact: when I was 11 when oopsy daisy came out they played it at my school disco. That’s right chipmunks little cute colab with Pixie Lott was danced to by 11 year old girls and now you trying to tell me he hard af. He ended his career way before bugzy


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  18. Your mum's fanny blaster

    I think both of them had some great lines. Chip may have made more tracks/Vids but Bugz obviously felt like he’d said enough and it wasn’t worth his time . God knows he could have kept the diss tracks coming and he obviously got under Chips skin and maybe made him feel he needed to prove himself.


  19. Sara Kilborn

    Some lit bars from both and I love them both and for all those lil haters out there they both put out mainstream poppy tunes but it’s probably the only way to recognition and sales sadly because they have both got bars that’s what it should be about not poppy dance tunes all beat and no real this was a draw simple


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