Chip vs Yungen

One of the Grime Beefs to light up the scene in 2015/16 was once again Chip, but this time taking on Yungen.

The Beginning

October 9th 2015 – Chip – 96 Bars of Revenge on GRM Daily

Interestingly enough, it seems what started it all off was not actually meant to be a diss – according to Chip. On Chip’s highly rated 96 Bars of Revenge track, which went at about 6 different MC’s, he had one line which said: “If you’re gonna nominate Yungen, big up, but nominate Sneakbo too…”, as Chip believed Sneakbo deserved a MOBO nomination as well as Yungen.

February 5th 2016

Yungen releases ‘Comfy’ which has a verse which responds to Chip’s MOBO line (from 1:22). Man wanna talk about me at the MOBO’s like I ain’t earnt it, man wanna talk about my nomination like I don’t deserve it, man wanna bring me down, I know man was happy with the verdict, how I didn’t win something for Ain’t or Nuttin’ blud, poor me a tea, man’s kermit.”

Buy Comfy on iTunes now.

Chip sees the track and responds on Twitter immediately:

February 19th 2016 – Chip – One Take on Chiptubeofficial

Chip was quick to record the “One Take” freestyle video – and on posting it to Twitter, Yungen immediately quoted the tweet and said ‘You got an hour to take this down, that’s all I’m saying”. Chip didn’t.

February 20th 2016 – Yungen – Punk (Shitmunk)

Yungen fires back, with Punk (Shitmunk) which features a provocative cameo from Tinie Tempah. Yungen received some criticism for the track apparently being pre-recorded – Kaylum Dennis (the videographer) was spotted chilling on Stormzy’s Snapchat in another country.

On the same day, Chip then declares Martial Law and returns fire with the “Michelle Riddim (Lil Clive Diss)” video bringing mums into the equation, calling Yungen by his government name (Clive) and then implied he was as insignificant to the Play Dirty crew as Michelle is to Destiny’s Child.

Yungen – Oopsy Daisy Riddim

Yungen hits back with the increasingly personal “Oopsy Daisy Riddim”, where the original upload got removed from YouTube for Chip making a claim on the video using Oopsy Daisy Riddim.

February 22nd 2016 – Chip – L (Lil Clive Diss 2)

Chip’s Lil Clive Diss 2 dropped the next day, frustratingly for Chip, “L” was supposed to drop last night but was delayed by video editing/production – so he got some criticism with people waiting up all night.

February 23rd 2016
In perhaps a sign of how far the grime scene has come, Channel 4 News even covered the beef.

July 31st 2016 – Yungen – Nando’s Confrontation
With the beef seemingly being squashed and 5 months having passed, a random video surfaces online of Yungen getting into a confrontation after picking up his Nando’s and doing a runner:

Chip was in Toronto at the time, but still had time to jump on Twitter with a response:

August 7th 2016 – Yungen – Away Games on Link Up TV

Yungen addresses the scuffle in his latest track ‘Away Games’. “Man said I ran away and I lost my balls/Like I’m supposed to fight Hulk and his friends like a fool/It’s cool/I circled back wit the gang though, and the truth is the only thing I’m pissed about is I had to buy back my Nando’s.” Check it out from 1:40 –

August 10th 2016
Of course, Chip saw this and couldn’t help himself. Link Up TV dropped hints that a Chip diss track was coming for Yungen.

As soon as Yungen saw the tweet he responded on Twitter:

And sure enough, later that night Chip releases ‘Peri Peri’ sauce – filmed entirely in and outside a Nando’s. “If you rap that, can’t change the facts fam/Never once said I was, but you are not a bad man/If I ran like you, they might expect that shit/Thats why I’ve been rushed, I don’t take that shit.”

Will Yungen respond? These antics were seen later that evening on Krept & Konan’s snapchat:

Meanwhile, Chip let people know why he’s beefing with everybody:

To Be Continued…

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