Chip Stormzy Beef
Chip Stormzy Beef

Chip vs Stormzy

The internet was set alight in 2020 as Chip came for Stormzy HARD, seemingly out of nowhere after revealing Stormzy had pulled up to his house with his goons during the coronavirus lockdown looking for him.

It’s the second beef of 2020 for Stormzy, who got into it with Wiley in the New Year, but this time he doesn’t seem to be taking the bait.

Both Stormzy and Chip known for their lyrical prowess, but everyone knows, when it comes to war-ing, bar-for-bar, very few can match up with Chip.

The two have positive history together with Chip having embraced Stormzy since he came on the scene, even having collaborated on multiple tracks together, so it’s crazy to see it come to this, but Chip has a mixtape dropping, so could it be a marketing ploy?

Chip vs Stormzy Beef – What Started It?

To be clear, no-one knows what actually prompted the Chip-Stormzy beef and anyone who says otherwise, is lying.

All we have our unsubstantiated rumours and our best educated guesses from various things that have happened.

What makes it even more crazy is the two have worked together successfully in the past, collabbing on their 2015 track ‘Hear Dis’ – see video below – as well as Chip’s 2014 track ‘I’m Fine’.

May 25 2020
What has happened since then to cause their relationship to sour, isn’t clear, but a lot of people believe it was Chip’s verse on his Skepta and Young Adz collaboration ‘Waze’ – from a Chip, Skepta and Young Adz collaborative project called ‘Insomnia’ – released in March 2020 – that included the first indirect shots fired at someone.

It was widely suspected it was Stormzy, but it’s actually most likely another MC called Mez.

Here are the bars and why people thought it was targeted at Stormzy:

– “You ain’t even done 10 years in this ting”
– “Round here we don’t hear you’re a king”, referencing Stormzy’s self proclaimed king of grime label, with his latest album being called Heavy is the Head (that wears the crown), with the album cover art depicting him with the crown on his head.
– “Tell me what you believe in God” – Stormzy has been vocal about his relationship with god and made various gospel/religious/uplifting tracks such as Blinded By Your Grace.
– “Put on your album I’m skipping through, this ain’t the shit niggas whipping to” – Referring to Stormzy’s mainstream audience, having connected with white middle England – not stuff the streets are listening to.
– “We live in a time where these mcs all claim they’re the best when it’s only them in the room” – another reference to Stormzy being the self-proclaimed king.
– “Piss on your forehead, know your role” – in reference to Stormzy’s big forehead, worth noting because Chip makes another reference to it in his direct diss track for Stormzy, Flowers (see below).

However, there were other references which can’t possible fit Stormzy, such as ‘You ain’t been platinum, silver or gold, you ain’t even been bronze, you div (‘Low it)’.

May 29 2020
From there, some fans think Stormzy’s verse on Tion Wayne’s song ‘I Dunno’ released in May 2020 was a response, where he made it clear – despite many fans thinking so – that the Chip bars might not even be for him.

He spat:

Is he sending for me? I dunno
What them boy there sell first week? I dunno (Boy, boy)
When they ask for the fee let ’em know that’s it 1.5 for the headline show
Little nigga, that’s milli’s, not thousands
Stormzy the goat but they really been doubtin’
Came offline, I’ve been chillin’ in mountains
How about you, bro? I really sell albums
Wait, look, I thought I heard shots but the shoe don’t fit
Can’t flex on me with Louboutin drip (C’mon)
Cah my nigga, that’s stupid shit (C’mon)
We all know that I’m stupid rich
Can’t stand these neeks when they talk on the tune
Cah it’s, “Wah gwan bro?” when I walk in the room
That’s big Mike, the most paid, the most sold
And I still get love from all of the goons, like-

The “shoe don’t fit” part of the verse is the biggest giveaway here, Stormzy making the point Chip’s bars don’t apply to him.

That last line could be reference to Chip’s shots that Stormzy isn’t listened to by the streets.

Stormzy vs Chip – The Pull Up

October 7 2020
Whether those indirects were the beginning or not, we don’t know, but when it became clear there was tension was October 2020, beginning with Chip’s manager releasing a video of Stormzy and his guys rocking up to Chip’s house looking for him.

Describing the incident on social media, Chip’s manager Ashley Rae-Tapping wrote: “Stormzy pulled unannounced to Chip’s building with 3 other people, the building which I also lived in but a separate apartment.

“The building was secure with gates… he didn’t knock he came in and was posted in the car park screaming for Chip to come outside.

“After being told to leave twice as Chip wasn’t home he refused and made his way to Chip’s apartment on the top floor where family were inside and it got heated and he caused a commotion so I called the police and so did the neighbours.”

In a now-deleted tweet and Instagram post, Chip shared shared the video, saying it was in June, with the caption: “June… When you get sent a video of Stormzy & friends tryna run up on your house.”

Chip tweet about Stormzy beef

In the video, Stormzy appears to say: “Telephone me, innit”.

Chip then added to the hype by posting a photo of himself at the infamous petrol station – everyone knows what that means – it being known as the spot where he sent for Bugzy Malone, in their historical beef – and used the caption “Honey…I’m home.”

Chip petrol station tweet Stormzy

Chip releases Flowers

October 7 2020

Later that evening Chip released the first track on GRM Daily – ‘Flowers’.

The lyrics to Flowers are as follows – courtesy of the guys over at Genius.

Uh, look
I know where you live too, but that is not the point of this
Pull up, catch me lackin’, plan failed, there’s no avoidin’ this
Dunno what you heard about Essex but it’s calm, darg
And they ain’t used to black people screamin’ down the car park
So let me ask you this, Mr. Road Man, ’cause you don’t get the program
It seems like you wanna lose it all (Ah)
If my niggas pull up at your gates, screamin’, shoutin’ down the place
Who the fuck you think your neighbours gonna call? Ah (Woo-woo-woo)
Picky-choosey gangster, dunno why you think you’re so hard
What millionaire does the ride outs in his own car?
Lamborghini truck, nice one, reverse and go yard
For all the indirеcts you hear, I hope you go to all the yards
And niggas you wеre with ain’t from your bits, so what’s the link then? (Hmm)
Now you got outsiders in your ship, soon to sink then (Trust)
If you know what’s good for your life, just de-link them
And stick with Ed Sheeran, he gon’ tell you ’bout Chip’s pen (Woo)
On the day the people marching out cah black lives matter
You’re tryna slide out, I said your verse was light, what’s the matter? (What’s wrong?)
Sent you my address out of love (Come)
Two days later, tryna pull up with your thugs, what type of packet is you on?
Gave you a chance to spin me on a tune beside me
You objected, I said “Cool” and “God bless” and kept it moving
But it seems you won’t be satisfied unless you see a shooting
Can you believe this is the same boy that does the gospel music? (Ah)
Lord, he was broken and you fixed him, can you save him once again?
And tell every gangster with him, they can’t save him from this pen
This about G.O.A.T.s and kings, this is not about ends
But just in case you all forgot, it’s North side, ah
“G.O.A.T.” means the greatest of all time, to me, that’s Jay-Z (Mm)
I see you tryna play him down in interviews, you crazy?
Okay, you got money now, but still you got no wave, B (Woo)
Me, I thought she broke your heart (Damn)
I ain’t know it was “Waze”, G (Hehe)
King just means a ruler of an independent land
So why you so offended? Cah you’re not a king to me, fam
When you ain’t done half the work or inherited that shit from right of birth
So maybe you just say it cah it works, or
Maybe ’cause you isn’t on your world tour
And you can’t take the fame, you’re just offline and that you’re home, bored
Stupid boy, you’re Stormzy, you shouldn’t be pullin’ up at no doors
But when my ***** grab the kitchen, you weren’t tryna go forward, and so forth (Let’s go)
All of this, just because of “Waze” and “I Dunno”?
I can’t lie, used to think you’re safe but I dunno (Damn)
Is he a driller or a gangster rapper? I dunno
He said use his pen to skeng but now he pullin’ up at homes, ooh
Niggas is emotional, you’re not my ex, miss me (Skrrt)
Anybody coming to take my life’s coming with me (Let’s go)
I’ma serve you humble pie and teach you ’bout your history
I can’t count on one hand how much man have dissed me (It’s too much)
I thought it’s black lives matter, what you sayin’? Mine don’t?
“Let’s catch him ‘fore he touches mic”, why? You know I’m cold
Ride today, march tomorrow, it’s confusing
At this rate, it’s like I’m black and he’s black, but in a way darker place (Haha)
Fake arse activist, stop it, you’re hardly 2Pac
Jesus didn’t die to save us all for you to do that
Said you’re gonna finish me
Bar-for-bar on the world stage
But when it’s sticky I’m the blu-tack or the superglue
You heard I got tunes for you, then trust me, that was super-true (Mm)
Pullin’ up with strangers, boy, it’s just between me and you
I said on “Hear Dis”, “When my bro gets home, I pray he don’t do time again”
What did you want him to do to you? When he’s on license for a ‘napping (Facts)
What? Was you gon’ Pop Smoke me if I was lacking?
Every year, a new Judas, now it’s you, imagine
C’s up, cool, calm, collected, not erratic (Woo)
Know your role, know your lane, furthermore, stay in your place
They coulda done a Gucci Mane, if we was ever in The States
I would rather fill a page than tell my nigga fill his gauge
‘Cause trust me, I prefer it when he’s here, don’t want him in a cage (Trust)
Imagine me fallin’ out with rappers, sharing their addresses (Snakes)
I could name three inbetweeners that would sure be stressing
Finish who? On what mic? I got Mike stressing
Birthplace, Shellington Crescent, King’s get beheaded, uh

Chip releases Killer MC

October 7 2020

On the same evening, shortly after the first, Chip releases his second diss track aimed at Stormzy, ‘Killer MC’ on GRM.

Lyrics via Genius:

[Verse 1]
I just black out, snap out, watch man tap out
It’s back on, Chip can’t back down nor back out
Skengman? Shoot me then, get your wap out
It’s all cap ’til I snap, blow your cap out
Attack him, whack him, have it from him? Imagine
With all these bangers I’m packing
Don’t put me in a mismatch, diss man ’til I dish back
I got diss track, diss tracks that I dispatch
Pick a forehead, wig that for the big chat
Mi nah chit-chat, click-clack, on my spliff, yack
All the smoke, come with that
When I sky that, full air force, ya dig dat?
Yo, how many spitters have I killed on the mic?
Wanna enter the morgue? Come get a wristband
It gets tekky, try at your own risk, fam
If I ever put the mic down, bet you miss man

Didn’t really wanna be a killer MC, but man cross the line, I’ma kill a MC
Why is it always Chipmunk clashing all these ‘we usеd to be niggas’ MC’s?
I’m sick and tired, nah, sick, not tired, I’ll risе it, fire, and kill a MC
Make a man wanna catch me in real life ‘cah it’s special the way that I spin an MC

[Verse 2]
Yeah, I spin an MC (Yeah)
Spin an MC and his bredrin that can’t rap
Who taught you don’t run out of bars akh? (Chippy)
Shut your mouth, cut the crap
I’m the bars man, never had a bar, fam
Barman, black sheep, baa-baa, haha
Never been in all the hoo-rah-rah-rah (Nope)
I’m Mr. Miyagi of the bars ting (Hahaha)
Pick a karate kid and half him (Ching)
Pull up like, “Where the food? I want munch” (Yep)
Pull up, just X out spitters, I want dump (Brrt)
Ash said, “What’s the time?” I said, “Lunch” (Uh)
I was out here before all these cunts
Put some respect on my name
You’re lettin’ him say he’s the best MC in the country like I’m not still in this game
Mek gyal tune but mi love pepper and spray

Didn’t really wanna be a killer MC, but man cross the line, I’ma kill a MC
Why is it always Chipmunk clashing all these ‘we used to be niggas’ MC’s?
I’m sick and tired, nah, sick, not tired, I’ll rise it, fire, and kill a MC (Rrah)
Make a man wanna catch me in real life ‘cah it’s special the way that I spin an MC

[Verse 3]
Why is it never MC’s that have come before me that want to war me?
I must be surely the coldest MC to touch the country
Like that ain’t my lyric book, boy, it’s a pumpy
I’m super dumpy, only God can judge me
So, Jesus, forgive me if I keep up a fuckery
Unnu ah go mek di teacher keep up a madness
Why? Bloodclart, too many students acting
Superflex, beat man with a ruler
King? Which part? This part, I’m ruler
Mi ah di big darg, this art, I’ll school ya
Cash Motto inside, niggas can’t fool us
Dem boy deh suh that side don’t chat me (Nah)
North best spitters in the game, don’t at me
Money can’t buy technique, just chill
If I don’t say it, who will? Yo

Didn’t really wanna be a killer MC, but man cross the line, I’ma kill a MC
(Pull it, pull it)
Make a man wanna catch me in real life ‘cah it’s special the way that I spin an MC (Rrah)
Oi, miss me out you know? Haha

Both tracks had a pre-roll promoting Chip’s upcoming mixtape, which a lot of fans felt took away from the beef – appearing like it has been done for promo rather than a genuine beef.

So now we wait.

Chip awaits Stormzy reply

October 8 2020

Chip awaiting Stormzy reply

The day after releasing his diss tracks, Chip posted an image of himself on Instagram with the caption:

“I dare man hit me with that 48 hours to reply shit… Kmt.”

October 9 2020

Chip Stormzy hurry up tweet

Then a day later, Chip tells Stormzy to hurry up. It seems like he will not be rushed!

Fatch gets involved with ‘Karen’

November 4 2020
A month later, out of nowhere, one of the guys – Fatch – who was apparently with Stormzy at Chip’s house, releases a reply.

Rather than adding to the hype, a lot of people called it straight clout-chasing and don’t think Chip should even bother responding.

Stormzy features on first track since Chip diss

January 15 2021
Ghetts releases Skengman featuring Stormzy – and though it could be seen as a bit of a reach, people think there are some indirects sent Chip’s way.

Chip releases 10 Commandments

January 16 2021
It came at 3am, but Chip once again proves he will never back down, releasing 10 Commandments on GRM Daily for another shot at Stormzy.

Lyrics courtesy of Genius:

Okay then
You’re a bad boy, okay then
Wicked Skengman, okay then
With all that money can’t buy these flows
Someone have a go then, okay then
Foster care that when I spray pen
(Bluku bye-bye-bye-bye-bye-bye)
#Merky, but you’re not a merker
Promise when I finish with this coconut I’m gonna’ push his hairline back further
So no more Dubai, go Turkey
‘Cause that hairline needs surgery
I don’t wanna hear about #Merky
Them boy deh suh cyan’ merk me
Yo, one minute you’re on home invasions
Next minute you’re at strangers, paintin’
Like, why you love going peoples houses?
Yo, tahn up in ya yard, you paigon
You know on the mic I’m a cannibal
You can’t even handle cannabis
Twin and [?] shoulda warned you, Chipmunk don’t do panicking
You’re all gonna hear “Stormzy took an L, and he tried to stand tall before he fell”
So he’s a man of his word in some ways
But he’s on stalking like a girl
Cocaine, my nose don’t know the smell
I’m on track, he’s off the rails
You’re some bitch with OnlyFans
Boy, I don’t give two fucks what you sell
Boy, I don’t give two fucks what you sold
You got that contradictory flow
One minute it’s “Fuck the government, fuck Boris”
Next minute you’re tellin’ people “vote”
Boy, you’re not a Christian, you’re a fraud
Crucify him, praise the Lord
How are you blinded by his grace but still manage to find my door?
To save your life you couldn’t spit like me
You can get it in British or get it in Twi
Gem, speng, kwasiasem
Wi ah ja mi, don’t try me a again
I’ma usher this boy to his seat, do a U-turn, spin back round
You came up remixing my bars, prick, not the other way around
You can’t run out of bars, just like Chip you can’t run out of bars
That’s what you said, look, now you dead
If I was there, you’d get spun out the park
Run out the dance, Chip don’t run out ya know
Ah wah di bumba? Ah wah di rass?
Take it there, take it far
Tek ya gyal, tek it darg
Humble pie, serve that well, I’m a humble guy
Deep down, all the guys on your side
Deep down, wanna see the clash on the sly
Trust me, I know about yutes like you
Fuck with a nigga and his paigon too
Awks when you’re in the middle, won both tunes
Caught in the middle when my pen go “boom!”
So, pick a side, me no mind, aimin’ at fences
Who’s on the fence then? I get defensive
And get offensive, man get offended
Trust me, I pen up in no time, pen up and sky that
Plus I don’t stop ’til the ending (Woi)
Someone get this bitch a bra, it’s a booby trap when I’m sendin’ (Woi)
Hearing I’m poppin’ online, but I don’t even check my mentions (Woi)
Them man there they come offline ‘cuh they can’t handle the attention (Woi)
I can handle all the tension (Woi)
Afterschool him, that’s detention (Woi)
Go home, Roger, we ain’t bredrins (Woi)
Use my voice and make a sample (Woi)
I go crack you in a sample (Woi)
Fuck with Chip, that’s gonna cost you (Woi)
Have you flarin’ up your nostrils (Woi)
Slap you ASAP with precision (Woi)
GSAP’s your own religion (Brr-rrup)
Hop out the whip, lookin’ for Chip, you’re only bad with the bros
‘Cuh that weren’t the vibe, two days before when you came on your own
If you’re so bad, tell me cuz
Why you ain’t come back one man up?
Two hands up, or with your skeng
The one you said you own and don’t rent
Wrestling, bars, try me
You didn’t mind when it was Wiley (Ah)
Good kid, I’m weren’t a G before rap
I weren’t a thief before rap (Nep)
Sold no crack before rap (Nep)
Sold that crack in all wraps (Yep)
Still tortill’ing tracks
You man are some trifling dogs
Dalmatians don’t change their spots, now I’m barkin’, what?
Can’t corner me neither nor my team
Disrespect man’s programme
I heard your little line about “them man’s cold”
But “Kaboom!”, that ad-lib belongs to Konan
You know this ting, no guts, no glory
Snake, you know you was bangin’ my story
I got my pen and my highlighter, fam
Trust me it’s jarring, I like them man
What kind of Christian dragging man out of cars?
Repent, or your goin’ hell, my darg
Commander with it, I’m commanding (Woi)
Now you gonna read the Ten Commandments (Woi)
The Lord can’t save you from this rassing (Woi)
Bumbahole, I’m on your rahtid (Woi)
Spiritual wicked and slew him (Woi)
What kind of juju are you doin’? (Brr-rrup)
Last time I checked you’re signed to guy that’s the father of the guy who signed 6ix9ine
So you better check yourself, quick, before you wreck yourself
Study your team, stop studying mine
Cah’ I’m nice whenever it’s studying time
The game been snakey, snakes and ladders
Update me, check it out on the 29th (Brr-rrup)

Go read the Ten Commandments
And live your life that way

Will Stormzy reply to Chip?

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