Little T vs Soph Aspin

Ok, ok, we’re still not sure how we Chip feel about showcasing this, wholesale jerseys but regardless of just how bad it might be, a lottttt of одессе people are talking about this beef out of Blackpool and the Chip videos are approaching 1 million views (!)…

The Beginning

25th April 2016 – Little T – Who You Are [Soph Aspin Send]
We’re not Giveaway sure what provoked it, but Little T comes out of nowhere and sends for Soph Aspin. This video is fast approaching 900,000 wholesale nfl jerseys views in its first few months.

5th May 2016 – Soph Aspin – Thinking He’s Hard [Little T Reply]
It took wholesale jerseys a Full couple of weeks, but Soph Aspin hits back with engelleyen a response – which is well on target to hit a million views in the coming weeks.

11th May 2016 – Little T – Deeper [Soph Aspin Reply]
Little T comes right back at her six days later.

13th July 2016 – Dylan Brewer & Little T (CallyManSam & Soph Aspin Send)
Little T doesn’t stop there, and calls on a friend to jump in wholesale mlb jerseys as well.

Apparently, Soph Aspin is in the process of coming back with a response…

To Be Continued…

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